Built in 1889, this Queen Anne style structure is listed as a significantly historic structure in Cape Elizabeth. In 1916, the hall was purchased by P. W. Sprague from the Cape Elizabeth Grangers to insure its use and upkeep – and it is still the home of the Patrons of Husbandry, Cape Elizabeth Grange #242.

Sprague Hall at Ram Island Farm is an authentic meetinghouse with all the features you would expect of a classic grange hall: well-polished tongue and groove wood walls and ceiling, exposed posts and enough room for the biggest of town gatherings, sturdy old-style wooden chairs, an industrial-sized gas stove, refrigerator and plenty of historical ambiance and charm. It is conveniently located on Charles E. Jordan Road just off of State Route 77. Set in a picturesque and quiet environment, just a stone’s throw from Scarborough and Crescent Beaches, it is the perfect place for any event.