Forestry Management


Of the 2,250 acres owned by The Sprague Corporation in Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough, nearly half of the land is forested. These forests include stands of white and red pine, spruce, fir, soft maple, white and yellow birch and oak. The Sprague Corporation has participated in a managed tree growth plan for many years. The primary objective of the plan is to manage the property to maintain a healthy forest ecology, grow high quality sawtimber, maintain the aesthetic qualities of the area and to maintain or improve the wildlife habitat.

In the 1800’s, much of the property had been cleared of forest growth and used for cultivated crops and hayfields. Beginning in the mid-1800’s the more marginal agricultural lands were abandoned and began to revert to forest. A study by the Southern Maine Forestry Service reported that over the last 75 years efforts have gradually increased to treat, cut and manage the forests for best use. Today’s best management practices include harvesting overmature and damaged spots, replanting of desired tree types and bush for the soil conditions and location, and clearing of invasive plant species to promote better wildlife.