Conservation wears many hats at Ram Island Farm. From protecting the Piping Plover, to rebuilding habitats for the endangered New England cottontail, to managing the health of our forests through a timbering operation, RIF is dedicated to preserving this beautiful corner of New England. Currently the third , fourth, and fifth generations of Spragues are working together to follow through on P. W. Sprague’s vision for the Farm and the family.

Trails and roads are refurbished after timbering efforts; haying and agricultural fields are leased out only under the commitment to “Best Management Practices” as posed by the State of Maine; deer and sheep herds are culled with optimal animal health in mind. Ram Island Farm works closely with the Maine Department of Conservation, Maine’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the US Fish and Wildlife, and local farmers. Follow the links at the left for more detail on these programs.