Richmond Island


This beautiful, historic island has been in the Sprague family since 1913. The 226-acre island off the coast of Cape Elizabeth has been the site of native American habitation dating back thousands of years and English fisherman settled here in the 1630’s. (More on Richmond Island History.)

The Sprague Corporation welcomes visitors to the island. Visitors are expected to be respectful of the island ecology and join us in being good stewards of this very beautiful island by observing the island guidelines. Day visitors are restricted to the beaches and the perimeter. Stay off the sand dunes. A limited number of overnight camping permits are available by emailing John Greene

The island boasts four beaches (Clam Cove Beach, Broad Cove Beach, John’s Cove Beach and Breakwater Beach). As you walk the perimeter path which is almost two miles long, you will notice a variety of ecosystems including fragile sand dunes, lake, pine forest and abundant grassland.

Visitors to the island may notice sheep (a domestic herd of 25-50 head), deer, bald eagle, horned owls, blue herons, brown hawks, an occasional piping plover and swans. (Please take adequate precautions against ticks which pose a continued problem for visitors.) A visit on a July evening will delight with thousands and thousands of fireflies.

The Sprague Corporation employs island caretakers during the summer months whose main duty is to protect, preserve and maintain the island. If you plan on camping overnight, expect a visit from one of our caretakers.